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House Painting Ideas & Techniques

Get expert tips on house painting ideas & techniques from Nolan Painting Company.

Trending Home Office Paint Colors in 2022
Paint Your Office With One Of 2022’s Trending Home Office Paint Colors
It’s more common than ever to work from home, whether it’s full time or on a hybrid basis.…
color consults havertown
How to Choose the Right Paint Finish for Your Home
Believe it or not, choosing a paint finish can be just as important and confusing as choosing the…
local interior painting glen mills
Modern White Paint Colors to Update Your Home
When it comes to modernizing your home, consider the large variety of whites that create a clean and…
interior walls painted grey
Thinking About A Fresh Coat Of Paint In Your Home? Check Out The 2022 Color Trends!
It’s that time of year! We’ve chosen our top trending paint colors that we believe we will see…
evergreen fog color of the year
The Best Green Paint Colors to Transform Any Room
Determining what paint color to paint a particular room is always a top question we receive from clients…
powder room
Paint Colors to Visually Enlarge Small Bathrooms
The smallest spaces in our homes are generally bathrooms and powder rooms, especially if you have an older…